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Meet Advizint

The process and technology experts at Advizint Technologies solve the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems. We seek to make things better beyond ourselves, whether it be improving production processes or equipping our team and customers for growth. 

is now

Our commitment to excellence and customer service has paid off! We repeatedly hear from customers that they value not only our reliable product and service delivery; they value our strategic advice across every aspect of manufacturing. In fact, we’ve heard this so much that we decided to incorporate it into our name: ADVIZINT.

Advizint's leadership team

Our Mission

We pursue excellence, accuracy, and repeatability, and we are committed to delivering the best possible solution and customer experience every time.

Our Vision

We want to be your partner of choice. Our goal is to be your first call and most trusted resource for all your automation needs.

What We Value

We value our people and relationships. At Advizint, we strive to cultivate a culture of integrity, stewardship, shared responsibility, ownership, creativity, and personal growth. Our team members not only follow these values, they are selected based on their commitment to them.

mechanical engineer working on a robot


We believe in doing the right thing, even if it means delivering bad news. We hold true to our moral and ethical principles, and we practice what we preach.


We treat our clients' resources like our own, acting as stewards focused on efficiency and accuracy to optimize those resources to meet and exceed their needs.

Shared Responsibility

We bear one another's burdens and climb each mountain together — rather than as individuals seeking glory. We succeed as a collective group and help each other grow.


We hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and take pride in working toward the greater whole. Ownership fosters a growth-and-development environment with humility.


Yesterday's solutions may not be the best answer to today's problems. New ideas and fresh perspectives keep us sharp to deliver the best services to our clients.

Personal Growth

We foster an environment of growth where we explore our passions in automation and grow as people.

electronic system background

Meet The Leadership Team

We strive to lead like Jesus. When viewed from the outside, our desire is for others to see not only the people responsible for Advizint, but God, who made it possible. (Daniel 3:24-25)

Founder & CTO

Cristóbal Rivero

Cris is an electrical engineer and innovator with over 10 years of experience across multiple industries. He enjoys and excels in constructing custom solutions to solve challenging problems. Using his vast technical and leadership expertise, Cris has successfully designed, developed, and implemented an expansive range of industrial solutions. His proficiencies include vision and process control systems, MES integration, and helping customers turn data into actionable information. When not challenging himself with new technology, Cris can be found spending time with family and creating music.

Cristóbal Rivero
Brandon Newsom

Owner & Automation Engineer

Brandon Newsom

Brandon is an electrical engineer with an MBA and 15+ years of experience across multiple industries with both validated and non-validated systems. He is a hands-on, detail-oriented person with extensive practical knowledge in people and project management, operations leadership, electrical controls design and installation, maintenance, engineering, integration projects, and cultural development. The variety of roles and experiences from Brandon's background has given him significant insight into what it takes to create a successful work environment, and his continuous improvement mindset drives him to seek to grow and learn new disciplines. His expertise and alacrity are invaluable to Advizint and our clients. Outside of the office, Brandon loves spending time with his family and church and being active in sports and the community.

Owner & CEO

Andrew York

Andrew is an accomplished engineer and project manager with over 13 years of experience. Andrew's practical knowledge spans multiple integration platforms including SIEMENS, Rockwell, iFIX, and DeltaV. He has worked in a broad range of process industries from pulp and paper and discrete manufacturing to specialty chemical and life sciences. With his profound drive to create extraordinary experiences for clients, Andrew has successfully delivered everything from the smallest of projects to large multimillion-dollar systems to satisfied customers. His passion for excellence in corporate stewardship and leadership has propelled him to develop robust skills for building teams and shepherding leaders. During his downtime, Andrew can be found outside with his family hiking, riding bikes, or flying RC planes.

Andrew York
Advizint's team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, automation system integrators, MES integrators, and PLC programer

Join our team

Do we sound like your type of people? Advizint is a great place to work, and we're always looking for skilled people who fit our culture. 

“Thank you all so much for the support over the duration of the Missing Paste and Offline System projects. We are very pleased with what we can do with the new systems and believe they will be a huge benefit for our processes. Everyone involved has been extremely helpful and thorough to provide us with products that are exactly what we needed/wanted. Your team has gone above and beyond all expectations set so thank you.”

Alex McQuinn, Quality Engineer, Clarios SJ

“Advizint quickly became a ‘go to’ support vendor and integrator. They are agile, knowledgeable, and very responsive on last minute calls in a high-performance and high-stress manufacturing environment.”

Jennifer Perez, Engineer, Procter & Gamble

“We needed a flexible controls and data acquisition system for our laboratory that could be easily and quickly reconfigured by our team of R&D chemists and engineers to aid in the development of processes to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for our customers. Andrew and team were able to understand our needs and designed a system with modular IO and drag-and-drop UI templates that allows us to quickly connect our instruments and start generating experimental data with little effort on our end. What I value most from working with Advizint is their commitment to making sure we get the full utility from the system they installed by providing continued trouble-shooting and training support well after commissioning and project completion.”

Trevor Jensen, Associate Director, Engineering R&D, Cambrex

Out of the many positive experiences I have had with Advizint, there are two words that immediately come to mind: Professional and Accommodating.  

Out of dozens of vendors, Advizint is one of the best I have worked with in over 20 years.”

Steve Davis, Vice President of Wastewater and Processing Facilities, Shamrock

Certifications from Partners

Fanuc Authorized System Integrators

Rockwell Certified Integrators

FANUC Authorized System Integrator logo
Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator A Rockwell Automation Partner logo
FANUC robot used in smart manufacturing
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